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HBM offers New ColorForm Technology from Krauss Maffei for High-Gloss Surfaces on Plastic Parts

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article image Design-study tool case with high gloss coating from ColorForm

Krauss Maffei introduces their new ColorForm technology designed to create high-gloss surfaces in a single process cycle for injection moulded plastic parts.  

Krauss Maffei of Munich Germany is a world leader in injection moulding machines.  

The ColorForm technology is a process that integrates injection and reaction moulding in a fully automated injection moulded single stage process. This provides manufacturers with the ability to produce multi-component parts with premium high-gloss surfaces from one production cell.  

The ColorForm system applies a high gloss coating in the closed mould immediately after the part has been injection moulded, replacing the conventional painting process.  

The ColorForm system was recently on display at the K2010 show in Germany with a MX 1000-8100/200 SpinForm machine that was producing a design-study tool case made of ABS.  

The case had a grained TPU, soft touch surface that was partially finished with high gloss coating. The high gloss polyurethane system used to coat the thermoplastic substrate is delivered at high pressure by a RimStar Nano metering system operating with newly developed Krauss Maffei pumps while the mixing head technology ensures high precision over long production runs.  

The system featured full post moulding robotics including trimming, hinge pin insertion, closing and clip folding, and presented a complete assembled tool box at the conveyor exit.  

Frank Peters, Board of Management at Krauss Maffei says that integrating the painting process into the injection mould results in significant efficiency gains and cost benefits.  

Key benefits of the ColorForm system include: 

  • Highly automated, single-stage process
  • Superior reliability and excellent cost-savings
  • Lower unit manufacturing costs as the logistic processes necessary for conventional painting are eliminated
  • Thickness of the coating and surface hardness can be set to suit part geometry and design specifications  
  • Can be used to apply any colour from glass clear to piano black
  • Can be combined with many different substrate materials such as thermoplastics, thermosets and PUR  

Krauss Maffei is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .

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