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Greiner releases new generation of profile extrusion machinery

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Greiner Extrusion of Austria, a leading supplier of plastic profile extrusion tooling and machinery introduces a new generation of profile extrusion machinery called ‘RED.LINE’.
Comprising of the ‘RED.LINE’ system and ‘RED TOOLING’, the new profile extrusion machinery has been reengineered by Greiner engineers with an aim to increase productivity, minimise energy and improve quality for extrusion profile manufacturers.
RED.LINE system

The RED.LINE system provides for maximum possible savings in terms of energy and water consumption, securing process reliability and improved handling at the same time. The RED.LINE extrusion downstream system consists of RED.CAL calibration table and the RED.COM haul-off combination unit.
GESS (Greiner Energy Saving System) incorporates a demand actuated control solution that controls individual vacuum and water pumps along with side channel compressors, reducing energy consumption as well as sound levels.
Key benefits:

  • Closed water circuit system uses the water twice to reduce water consumption by up to 50%
  • No contamination as the water does not flow freely on the calibration table
  • Water is reused for the cooling tanks
  • Internal water circuit with automatic filter system filters the water and automatically backwashes filters removing dirt particles
  • Saves up to 90% of energy costs
  • Reduces sound levels by 50% to only 10dB
  • PLC control system allows for centralised operation of all functions

Incorporating tooling features for tough demands, RED.TOOLING utilises FLOW.CONTROL to slow down or accelerate profile sections, variably and accurately using cold or hot air without affecting adjacent solid sections.
Key benefits:

  • Post dry calibrator (PDC) improves process stability
  • Minimises quality fluctuations
  • Roller templates improve surface quality of the profile, resulting in up to 90% fewer scratches
  • Single multi-pin connector between the RED.LINE equipment and the extruder eliminates wiring and ensures fast connect/disconnect
  • Modular design allows customers to retrofit parts of the RED.LINE into existing lines if required
Greiner Extrusion is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .

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