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Gas assist injection moulding technology

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CGI Cinpres has advised that the Australian automotive industry has become a major supporter of CGI Cinpres gas injection technology.

Recent projects that are now commercial include door handles, side trims, exterior mirror housings, and roof rails.

CGI Cinpres offer a 'gas technology' licensing program with partner injection moulders which includes product evaluation, design input, testing protocols and 3D modeling to ensure a production qualified outcome for gas assist injection moulded applications.

For Class 'A' automotive applications, involving thick part sections and high cosmetic appearance, gas is proving to be the solution to the automotive industry's needs.

In addition Cinpres provide the gas injection system's hardware and, for large users, nitrogen gas generation systems, as a cost reduction driver.

HBM Plastic Technologies reports that resulting from the recent seminars conducted throughout Australia and New Zealand, there has been a significant increase in moulders considering gas for a range of applications outside of automotive.

Where the requirements for high quality surface finish, greater part design freedom and cycle time reduction are a priority, Cinpres provides a solution.

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