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Filling machines for delicate foods from HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies

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article image Filling machines for jelly cubes from HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies

Multi-Fill of Utah (USA), has recently sold a MPFSC-120-01 filling machine to a customer in the US who had a delicate product to fill – jelly cubes.

The requirement was for a filling machine that would retain the shape and size of their delicate product after it passed through the system. The jelly cubes are loaded into the low level infeed hopper and a conveyor belt (with a special finger design) passes the product to the filling head. The food is then measured volumetrically and discharged into trays.

Rated at 120cpm, MPFSC-120-01 Automatic Filling System is currently a good choice for companies who have difficulty to fill products such as rice, cooked pastas (short and long goods), cut vegetables and fruits, salads, cereals, seafood and shredded meats into a variety of containers including trays, cups, plates, jars and pouches.

The MPFSC-120-01 Automatic Filling System is a mobile unit which can be quickly cleaned for a product changeover or moved to a different production line in minutes, ready to fill a different product into a different container with no or few change parts. The MPFSC-120-01 Automatic Filling System can be positioned over many different conveying systems, continuous or intermittent, as well as horizontal or vertical bagging units.

Features of the MPFSC-120-01 Automatic Filling System include:

  • Adjustable volumetric pocket system for precision dosing
  • No container-no fill function activated by proximity sensor
  • Vacuum system which assists product flow, especially for traditionally difficult to handle products, e.g. cooked spaghetti, IQF rice and wet salads
  • Food grade Stainless Steel construction, in compliance with international standards

Multi-Fill specialises in the manufacture of semi-automatic and automatic volumetric fillers for the home meal replacement, convenience foods and food service industries and is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .

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