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External gas moulding for plasma TV cabinet stands

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article image Blemish free visible surface.

CINPRES Gas Injection, represented in Australia by HBM Plastics Technologies , has developed external gas moulding (EGM) a technology that provides the quality and cost savings required for plasma TV cabinet stand mouldings.

EGM applies gas pressure via a micro thin film of gas on one surface of the in-mould plastic in order to force the plastic against the opposite surface while cooling. Sink marks and other blemishes can be eliminated.

The in-mould pressure is as low as 55 bar. The mouldings are stress-free and therefore do not suffer from distortion. Visible evidence of weld lines between plastic flows from multi feed gates around the centre hole is also virtually eliminated.

The mouldings for 52-inch, 40-inch and 27-inch plasma TV cabinets are designed with a general wall thickness of 2.5mm and strengthening ribs of the same thickness.

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