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Benco Pack Aseptic Form-Fill-Seal Machine Chosen for Agral’s Butter Production

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Benco Pack SpA of Italy has supplied an aseptic form-fill-seal machine to Agral, a major Belgium butter manufacturing company for their range of 8-10 gram rectangle cup mini-portion butter products.  

Agral is a specialist producer of all types of butter, packaging butter products for private labels in excess of 10,000 tonnes per annum.  

The company opened a new production facility in 2010 to optimise their product flow and increase production to meet their current demand.  

Benco Pack custom-designed the fully automated aseptic packaging line to meet the unique requirements of Agral with increased efficiency, ease of operation and reduced packaging costs.  

Designed to produce 72,000 cups of butter per hour, the horizontal aseptic form fill seal machine uses a 3-step packaging and filling process.  

Containers are thermoformed starting from a roll of multi-layer barrier plastic film, filled with the butter product, closed by a thermo sealed peel-able lid and then cut to the desired configuration.  

A special cutting tool configuration was included to reduce the amount of scrap produced during the process to less than 8% and increase cost savings.  

UV lamps and a Central Air Sterile Unit (CAS) are used to pre-sterilise the machine and maintain it in sterile condition, extending the shelf life of the butter products.  

Benco Pack offers form fill seal machines for mini-portions, single and thermoformed cups in hygienic, ultra-clean and aseptic versions with over 350 machine installations worldwide.

Benco Pack is represented in Australia by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies .

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