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BarcoVision’s EnergyMaster system available from HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies

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BarcoVision, represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging & Plastics Technologies , have announced the release of the ‘EnergyMaster’ module for their MES systems, which have the ability to map different energy consumptions (electricity, gas, compressed air, water, steam, effluent and CO2 emissions).

In plastics processing, production machinery consumes between 60 and 75% of the total energy of the plant and energy is the third largest cost variable behind raw materials and labour.

The EnergyMaster module can be installed as a ‘stand-alone’ solution or integrated with other MES applications, such as scheduling, machine and process monitoring.

The EnergyMaster module can highlight which machines are the largest energy users, at what point in production an energy peak occurs and the energy consumption by a production order. It also sends automatic alerts through email or text messages to management, when higher energy consumption is detected.

The EnergyMaster module requires consumption meters to be installed on individual machinery, to allow monitoring. Energy data is then transmitted through the existing network (wired or unwired) to the PC server of the MES system.

The EnergyMaster module/system provides reports such as:

  • Counter reports, which chart the meter data
  • Consumer reports show the specific consumption of a machine or department
  • History reports show the energy consumption of a machine or department over a period of time
  • Performance characteristic line shows the results of regression analysis between energy consumption and production output
  • Specific energy consumption charts the KWh per unit of production
  • Cumulative sum of deviations compare the real consumption versus the budgeted consumption

The EnergyMaster module is a constructive tool for the creation of “energy awareness” in a manufacturing plant, which can result in a reduction in the energy bill.

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