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Spill-STOP from H2O Rx

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Patented Spill-STOP is designed specifically to prevent costly and hazardous chemical spills caused by diaphragm failure in air-operated diaphragm pumps.

H2O Rx ’s Spill-STOP manufactured by Blacoh is much more than a standard alarm or moisture sensor. The Spill-STOP features a patented design, which captures leaked product caused by a ruptured diaphragm and pneumatically shuts off the pump automatically.

The Spill-STOP may also be equipped to trigger a warning alarm for immediate response or to automatically turn on a standby pump, minimising down-time, while effectively protecting personnel from the hazards of airborne chemicals. The Spill-STOP’s pneumatic design is also intrinsically safe, using compressed air rather than potentially dangerous, spark-producing electricity.

The Spill-STOP can pay for itself in the first few minutes the pump continues to run after diaphragm failure. For example: A pump running at 100 litres per minute with product valued at $6 per litre loses $600 of product each minute. Do the maths on the pumping application and decide if can afford not to have the Spill-STOP as part of Fluid Control System. US Patent # 5,501,577

Proper spill containment and management is fundamental to prevent personal injury, environmental damage, the cost of the cleaning up process which is messy and dangerous, and the costs associated with loss of product, damage to plant and equipment, and downtime.

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