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Pulsation dampeners and surge suppressors

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article image Sentry dampeners and suppressors reduce hydraulic shock.

H2O RX has been appointed Australian and New Zealand distributor of Blacoh Fluid Controls, supplier of Sentry pulsation dampeners and other pump accessories.

Sentry pulsation dampeners and surge suppressors are essentially hydraulic shock absorbers. They reduce hydraulic shock and create a smooth flow.

Hydraulic shock is caused by sudden acceleration or deceleration of a liquid - such as when diaphragm and reciprocating pumps or fast acting valves "suddenly" start or stop. An example is water hammer in pipes.

The dampeners and suppressors are manufactured for all types of pulsation and surge generated by processing liquids. They are used with all diaphragm pumps, reciprocating pumps, and quick closing or opening valves.

The units protect:

* Pipes and fittings from pulsation and vibration.

* Valuable meters and in-line instrumentation from destructive pulsations and surges.

* Filter media from breakdown due to a pulsation flow.

* Valves from hydraulic shock and pressure surges.

They prevent:

* Foaming, splashing and degradation of product.

* Ruptured pipes and fittings due to thermal expansion and hydraulic shock.

* Cavitation and the resulting premature failure of the pump, diaphragms, valves, seals, plungers and packing material.

* Premature release of pressure relief valves and disks; and resulting contamination of surrounding area.

They ensure:

* Meter accuracy, longevity and repeatability.

* Uniform application of material in spraying and coating systems, and reduction of material usage and rejected parts.

* Complete suction stroke filling of pump cylinders and diaphragms.

* Steady and continuous flow when dosing, blending or proportioning process additives.

* Performance of in-line mixers with a continuous flow of product.

H2O RX supplies equipment for industrial water treatment and other chemical processes.

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