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PeriFlo Inc announces H2O RX as distributor

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article image PeriFlo's peristaltic pumps feature reversible rotation.

H2O RX , equipment supplier for water treatment, chemical storage and handling, has been selected as the Australian, New Zealand and Oceania distributor for PeriFlo's range of peristaltic hose pumps, parts, and accessories.

PeriFlo Inc is a leading supplier of peristaltic pumps, pump technology and pump systems to the industrial and municipal markets in USA and Canada.

Established in 2000, PeriFlo provides 20 pump models, complete engineered pump systems and UL listed custom controls. PeriFlo will now provide this new technology to the Australian, New Zealand and Oceania markets.

Features of PeriFlo's peristaltic pumps include:

* Operating flow rates up to 1,476Lph

* Operating pressures up to 15.5Bar

* Run dry without damage

* Self prime to 8.5m

* Pump abrasives without wear

* Handle thick or thin fluids equally well

* Simple in-line maintenance

* No mechanical seals

* Metering accuracy 1%

* Reversible rotation

* Wide flow control range

* Will not vapour lock

* Applications - transfer, metering, batching, including sanitary, slurries, highly viscous and shear sensitive fluids.

Peristaltic pumps belong to the family of positive volumetric displacement pumps and are frequently referred to as ‘hose pumps’ or ‘tube pumps’. They are well recognised for their simplicity of design and simple, efficient operation.

Unlike other common positive displacement type pumps, peristaltic pumps have no complicated inlet/outlet check valves or piston packing and they eliminate costly mechanical shaft seals required in other rotary pump designs.

The simple, rugged design of the modern peristaltic pump involves only one wear part - the hose or tube.

Modern advances in rubber and plastic technology have led to the development of hoses and tubes with high mechanical strength for long service life and higher working pressures, higher operating temperatures and dramatically improved chemical resistance.

With continued advances in technology, peristaltic pumps have been adopted for a wide variety of applications. Featuring a simple, rugged design that will run dry indefinitely without damage, deliver a fixed volume of fluid with each revolution and self-prime to 8.5m, peristaltic pumps have gained rapid industrial acceptance as the pump of choice for applications involving the transfer, metering and batching of abrasive slurries, viscous and shear sensitive fluids. Their only limitation is compatibility of the hose with the pumped fluid.

H2O RX supplies equipment for industrial water treatment and other chemical processes. Our customers include utilities and councils, engineering consultancies, trade waste dischargers, manufacturers and chemical and service providers. The company has 35 years industry expertise, specifically for chemical storage and handling systems. A particular focus is occupational health, safety and environment and dangerous goods.

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