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PBR pH probes available

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H2O Rx, equipment supplier for water treatment, chemical storage and handling, has launched their new range of PBR pH probes, new pH technology that solves problems with temperature, manufactured by Phoenix Electrodes.

These innovative PBR pH probes incorporate a reference system whereby chemical equilibrium is controlled to the point that no solution/precipitation of the reference solution components occurs at the reference element at temperatures between 0 and 100 degrees Celsius. The composition of the pH internal fill solution has also been designed, so that its temperature coefficient is minimal. The net effect is to make the electrode predictable, reliable, and quick to respond at any temperature.

One can cycle between samples with initial temperatures of 25 and 80 C and reach reproducible pH in a matter of 30 seconds with PBR pH Electrodes, as compared to 1 to 3 minutes for other commercial pH electrodes. Drift and accuracy problems commonly found when using normal pH electrodes are virtually eliminated. The sample pH is registered in less than 20 seconds, the result is correct to within 0.02 pH units, and the pH value stays constant at any given temperature. And, unlike other new pH technology addressing problems with temperature, this electrode reads pH consistently at elevated temperature without premature loss in performance.

Other probes available from H2O Rx include:

  • Laboratory ph and ORP (oxidation-reduction potential)
  • Industrial ph and ORP
  • Ion selective electrodes (ISEs)
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Conductivity

Many are now held in stock or are available 2 – 3 weeks.

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