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H2O Rx launch new wafer style static injection mixers

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H2O Rx / Chemical System Consulting , supplier for water treatment, chemical storage and handling, has launched their new range of wafer style static injection mixers as the exclusive Australian distributor for Westfall Manufacturing Company.

These wafer style static mixers are unique in that they have a short installation length of typically 25mm meaning that they are easier to fit into a plant layout. They also save on material costs which are significant with large diameter and exotic material mixers.

The Westfall Static Mixer is a motionless static mixer in which fluids are injected and rapidly mixed by a combination of alternate vortex shedding and intense shear zone turbulence. It is a compact ring body design for mounting between two standard pipe flanges.

Westfall Manufacturing design and build static mixers to meet your needs with a standard size range from DN15 to DN2100, materials which include PVC, FRP, 316 stainless steel, Titanium, Hastelloy, Kynar, Polypropylene, carbon steel, and if more protection is required a Teflon coating can be provided.
Applications include water treatment, potable water, waste water, chlorination, de-chlorination, food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical blending, dissolving gases, polymer blending, flocculent blending, pH control.

The benefits of the Westfall wafer style static injection mixers are long service life, no maintenance requirements, no moving parts, low cost, short laying length, integral injection fittings, predictable mixing, easy installation and hook-up.

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