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Flow metering systems from H2O Rx

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H2O Rx , equipment supplier for water treatment, chemical storage and handling, has launched its new range of flow metering systems – as exclusive Australian distributors for Titan Enterprises.

Titan Enterprises is a UK based flowmeter manufacturer, specialising in low-cost designs for OEM applications. The close collaboration this produces between customers and designers creates high quality, low cost sensors.

The materials used in the construction of Titan flowmeters are of high standard and include AISI316 stainless steel, engineering plastics and sapphire. Extensive use is made of plastic materials such as PEEK and PVDF, also chosen for their inherently good chemical resistance.

Titan Enterprises manufacture oval gear and turbine type flowmeters, typically Pelton wheel turbine meters, for all liquids at flow ranges from 0.1 to 500L/min full scale. Fluid connections are available in many styles, designed to suit the application, typically for 1/4" to 2" line sizes.

Outputs can be via optical or magnetic pulse sensors for flow rate, or meters can be equipped with integral displays of rate or total. All flowmeters are tested on a Ballistic calibrator, which is traceable to National Standards: the uncertainty of these machines is 0.25%. Flow switches, blind transmitters, or batch controllers are also available.

Typical Titan flowmetering applications are for water and oil based cooling systems, for dispensing or mixing beverages, beer, acids, refrigerants or other liquids, on engine test beds and for delivery monitoring of diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids and solvents for inventory control and accounting purposes.

Special plastic meters have been used for monitoring de-ionised water flow control, medical sterilising equipment and also in encapsulated packaged systems for use underwater offshore in the North Sea. Titan flowmeters are incorporated in systems built by distributors and OEM customers across the World.

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