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Engineered Open Channel Diffusers from H2O Rx

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With the advent of Saf-T-Flo’s Open Channel Diffusers, the even dispersion of chemicals across a channel has become a considerably easier. It proves to be a valuable application for water and wastewater treatment plants.  

With its ability to span almost any open structure to disperse a chemical solution evenly across a channel, the standard open channel diffuser is a vital water treatment accessory.  

Saf-T-Flo’s Open Channel Diffusers are built in two sections. The spool assembly is placed though a bore in the concrete structure where it is then secured by the threaded flange. The flanged diffuser is bolted to the spool assembly.  

Engineered Open Channel Diffusers are now available in Australia and New Zealand through H2O Rx. These customised Open Channel Diffusers are fabricated to the drawings of design engineers as furnished to Saf-T-Flo. Through H2O Rx, Saf-T-Flo’s application engineers review the submitted drawing and related specification to ensure the unit will work for the intended application. Following this, Saf-T-Flo submits detailed drawings of the unit along with a competitive technical proposal. After engineering approval and cost acceptance, the unit is fabricated, inspected for quality and shipped by H2O Rx to the specified destination.    

Further information about Engineered Open Channel Diffusers can be found on the H2O Rx / Chemical System Consulting website, including brochures and other information.

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