H2O Rx / Chemical System Consulting

H2O Rx supply chemical storage and handling equipment. They specialise in retractable and non-retractable chemical injection quills and diffusers, wafer-style inline static mixers, flow conditioners, pulsation dampeners and gauge guards, glass and PVC calibration columns, electrodes and sensors, back pressure and pressure relief valves


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15/03/12 - H2O Rx / Chemical System Consulting (CSC) offers one-day training courses for employees on the storage and handling of dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals.
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25/11/11 - Westfall model 2800 wafer style static mixers, now available from H2O Rx are suitable for use in almost any application, offering maintenance free operation.
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01/09/11 - H2O Rx / Chemical System Consulting have PVC calibration cylinders available for use when commissioning and maintaining pumps to ensure accurate flow rates.
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02/08/11 - Available now from H2O Rx / Chemical System Consulting the Model 2900 variable flow static mixer significantly reduces head loss at maximum flow, while maintaining consistent mixing.
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PO Box 748
Lane Cove
NSW 1595
Tel: 0421 795 353
Fax: 02 9436 0491

H2O Rx / Chemical System Consulting Brands

AMP ASA Liquid Handling B/T Blacoh Blacoh Pulsation Dampeners Blagdon Blagdon AODD pumps BV-GES BVP C-Flex ChemTuff CTH-2 Easy-Load Ecoline Flowmaster Fluran HCA FMP Gore Sta Pure H1000SRE H2000SRE H2O Rx H2O Rx Automatic Degassing Valves H2O Rx Back Pressure Valves H2O Rx Bleed Valves H2O Rx boiler controller packages H2O Rx Bunds H2O Rx Calibration Columns H2O Rx cooling tower packages H2O Rx Corporation Stops H2O Rx Dosing Pots H2O Rx Injection Quills H2O Rx Level Control H2O Rx level gauges H2O Rx Pressure Relief Valves H2O Rx sensors H2O Rx Sight Gauges H2O Rx Tanks Hallet Halox ClO2 Measurement and Control (MAC) system. Halox MAC Controller Halox Technologies Hofmann Electronics Hofmann Electronics Controllers IDEX IP IPC IPC-N IP-N ISM Ismatec Ismatec peristaltic pumps Jaco Plastic Fittings Masterflex MCP Micropump MS-CA Norprene Periflo Peristaltic Hose Pumps Periflow Peristaltic pumps PharMed Phoenix Electrodes Pro Pulsafeeder Pumper Parts Quickload RBT Reglo Sentinel Gauge Guards Sentry Pulsation Dampeners Spill-STOP Sponsler Flow Meters Sponsler Turbine Flow Meters Standard Tygon UVPuresafewater Vision Series plug and play controllers WM 5

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