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First flush diversion systems from H2O Cleanawater

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Water treatment specialist H2O Cleanawater presents a range of first flush diversion systems designed to divert water between sewers and stormwater drains when required.

Also known as stormwater diversion systems, first flush diverters are engineered for uncovered wash down areas and are fully automated.

The first flush diversion systems from H2O Cleanawater are above ground diverters, eliminating the costs of expensive excavation required for below ground systems.

The above ground first flush diversion systems are a substantially cheaper option than putting a roof over the wash down area while also making the business Water Authority Compliant.

Key features of the first flush diversion systems:

  • Fully automated, utilising the latest technology 
  • Programmed to suit any wash area size  
  • Quick and easy to install 
  • After sales 'hassle free' maintenance programs 
  • Durable, compact and guaranteed performance

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