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Reception desks available from H and L office furniture

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Reception desks are a focal point in all offices. The reception desk on the frontline of many office entrances is the first chance that one has to create a presence and company connotation with one’s visitors, be it prospective or existing clients, suppliers, or partners.

The first impressions can influence people’s decisions on what kind of business one is, so it is vital to make the right statement. Bright colours, bold paintwork and contemporised office furniture says that one is forward-thinking, innovative and fun. Traditional office furniture and classic walls display an image of conservatism, reliability and respect.

Reception desks are readily supplied in a variety of colours, materials and finishes not to mention shapes and sizes. Budgetary concerns are obviously a major consideration for many businesses; do not forget though that one’s reception desk is reflecting their company’s image in the area.

How does one want their business to be view or seen? Think of oneself as a prospective client and what they would think when they walk into the reception area. Ask oneself, who are we as a company? For some, the question can easily due to the businesses long term establishment or culture, for some this question may take longer. Either scenario can effectively transform from a concept into an effective reception desk design with the help of professionals in the field.

Once one has worked out what kind of image one wants their company to reflect, next consider what kind of activities will happen at the reception area. It is important to give one’s receptionist the kind of room, storage needs and set-up they will require. One wants them to feel comfortable, so they will answer the telephone and greet visitors with a smile.

In many regards, it is this comfort that leads to increased productivity. One also wants them to be able to carry out their tasks efficiently, nothing is worse than a busy and clutter ridden front entrance.

Reception desk and further on
If only replacing the reception desk, make sure it fits into the existing décor and design arrangement, for flow and continuity. If one’s financial outlay permits, think about other areas of the reception that could be enhanced in an effort to provide visitors with comfortable, pleasant surroundings, such as nice ergonomic office chairs, where they can sit and wait, coffee tables to place magazines, and other reading materials such as company brochures and desired readings.

Do not forget the receptionist either; they need a comfortable and ergonomic chair to work in.

It is also a great notion to think about the rest of one’s office, whether or not this are is seen by the public is irrelevant, and how that fits in with one’s reception foyer. Reception desks can be purchased to match executive desks, boardroom tables and ergonomic office chairs and desks, creating a harmonious environment for one’s staff and visitors alike.

Reception desks are available from H and L office furniture .

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