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H and L Office Furniture on workplace issues

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Every day thousands of Australians start a new job in a new office. Some will realise that not every piece of office furniture and not every workstation works for every person.

The new person is likely going to get one of the least desirable spots in the office. That could be the workstation with the broken chair that is situated right in the middle of the flow of office traffic.

It may be the office desk tucked in a corner by the restroom that has no lighting and has a sound track of a door opening and shutting and flushing.

If you are that newbie, take the first day to find out what is not working for at your workstation, then decide which things you can deal with, and which ones need to be changed to avoid affecting your productivity.

The Bad Chair:

If the desk you are about to move into has been left open for too long, chances are someone has put their not-so-good chair and taken the better chair. That means you are inheriting a problem.

When you sit in the chair, if you realise it is not supportive, and is not comfortable, check around to see if there is another one available.

If not, or if you do not want to cause a stir, there are many commercial pads available to make a more comfortable seat, and attachable lumbar supports to make sure your back is well cared for.


While some people have an amazing ability to tune out noise, for the majority of the work force, noise is a major distraction.

If you are unlucky enough to be near the storage or the break room and have to be constantly bombarded by the slamming of filling cabinet doors or conversations of others as they come and go, you need to know your options.

It is possible the office has a policy that will allow you to wear headphones during the workday and listen to music that will encourage your productivity. You can also consider wearing earplugs to tune out the outside noise.

Another option is to look into whether or not there are dividers available that can be put around your desk to create a cubicle that will filter some of that clatter from coming into your space.

If that does not work, it is possible there is another office desk available in a lower traffic area that may be the solution to your noisy problem.


Bad lighting can put you in a bad mood. If your new desk is in an area that is not well lit, it can cause you to strain to read documents and the computer screen. Eventually that eye-strain is going to turn into a headache, keeping you from working up to your potential.

Check the office policy about bringing in your own lighting. As long as it is not overly obtrusive many offices will allow you to bring in a lamp or other small lighting fixture to brighten up the workstation.

The first day on the job is already filled with stresses, paperwork, names to remember, learning all the processes that keep the workplace humming.

According to H and L Office Furniture, finding a less than ideal workstation is only going to add to that stress, unless you take corrective action.

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