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H and L Office Furniture offer relaxation tips while working

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It happens to everyone, the day where there is just too much to get done so we pull a late night, or even an all-nighter to get the project completed.

If this just happens once in a long while, there likely will not be any adverse effects, other than being tired the next day, but if you are in a work environment where working long days and long nights is more of the status quo than the exception to the rule, you need to take some measures to make sure you are not doing harm to your body.

Many believe if they have a good workstation with an ergonomic office chair and a well set up office desk with proper lighting, they can work forever and be all right. That is not the case. Your body needs breaks.

While working on the computer or doing other deskwork rarely seems like it is a high-impact physical activity, your body thinks differently.

Even when you are just sitting at a desk typing, you are asking many of your body’s muscles and tendons to repeat an activity for hours on end.

Using your computer and keyboard for hours is asking your hands, wrists, and shoulders to keep working to fatigue.

Just sitting in the office chair going over documents is asking your back muscles to hold your torso and head upright in the same position, not to mention the work you are asking your eye muscles to do zipping back and forth over page after page of information and your neck and shoulders as they hold your eyes in position for all that time.

In many ways this is tantamount to going to the gym and doing sets of bicep curls or any other exercise hour after hour.

According to H and L Office Furniture, your body needs a break. Just like you would in a workout schedule at the gym, you need to mix things up and let the worked-out muscles rest.

A simple way to do that may be to switch the hand you use the mouse with. This will take a little practice at first, but your other hand can learn to use the mouse with a little training, and the break will be appreciated by the hand and wrist accustomed to doing this work.

Set up hotkeys where you can. Many computer programs will allow users to use hotkeys instead of using a number of keystrokes. Such as using Ctrl+P to print instead of having to go through 3-4 other steps to get to the same place.

Switch up your position. Take a break from typing to do some filing, sorting, or any other activity. If you do not have any such activity to complete, just take a break for the sake of getting up and moving about.

Stretch while you are up, and if you can take a brisk walk, even if it is just around the office. It is a way to get blood flowing throughout the body and to let some muscles that have been sitting still too long get moving, while giving a break to the ones you generally use at the desk.

Think of your days work like a workout. Your body does and needs the same kinds of breaks you would give it in the gym.

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