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H and L Office Furniture helps to balance privacy in office

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H and L Office Furniture can implement privacy balancing in office. Balancing privacy can be achieved with the application of the correct acoustic screens, desk screens, floor to ceiling screens and many other varied products and planning methods. The benefits for any organisation successful in balancing workplace privacy can be tremendous.

The notion of adequately balancing privacy can however be truly complex. Deepened complexity arises, as organisations move further toward and indeed become more dependent on group and team related activity. It is this shift from the more isolated individual offices that creates a metaphoric double edged sword for companies and their privacy management. Although interaction and workplace dialogue do increase, so unfortunately do the number of interruptions and employee distractions.

H and L Office Furniture has identified several key areas of privacy that balanced properly can result in truly productive and dynamic workplaces.

Acoustical privacy – Acoustical privacy incorporates the reduction in sound related distractions such as the ringing of noisy phones, the overhearing of loud co-worker conversations and even the disturbance of external office noises such as traffic. All solutions vary depending on the environment; however, of key note is H and L Office Furniture’s standard or custom acoustic screens, desk acoustic screens and floor to ceiling acoustic screens.

Visual privacy – Visual privacy relates to an employee’s line of sight distractions. Productivity is often directly related to employee focus, and hence distractions such as rapid movements, thourafares of walking people and general movement can hinder such focus. Of particular solution worthy response are H and L Office Furniture’s varied acoustic screens and desk acoustic screens. With any project, H and L Office furniture ensure floor plans balance this need for visual privacy.

Territorial privacy – In open plan offices, employee’s have a natural tendency to box themselves in, in an attempt to balance their own needs for spatial harmony and the need to keep others out of their work. The result is too often a barrier of folders or books that look unorganised, and areas that indeed do lack proper organisation. H and L Office Furniture has planned bookshelves or mobile pedestal units that allow storage and a level of privacy, while remaining true to the open plan office.

Informational privacy – This is the balance of maintaining privacy for information and proprietary reasons. This division of privacy is ever increasing and important for obvious reasons, and a plan can quickly be deployed on users’ next fit out by H and L Office Furniture to safeguard this area.

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