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You may have good looking office furniture, but if it is not functional as well as fashionable you may not care what it looks like when you are sore at the end of the day.

You need to make sure in addition to being good-looking; your office chairs are also ergonomically good for you.

Recent studies show that about one half of all workers have suffered some sort of problem from bad posture at their workstation or unsupportive office furniture.

These injuries range from simple muscle strain to back and blood circulation problems, all the way to carpal tunnel syndrome and blood clots.

The big problems come from the relationship between you and your office chair.

You really need to know your office chair well. There are a number of ways to situate and adjust a chair and unless you know how to make the correct adjustments for your body, you and the chair will not fit together well.

In a person-chair relationship things are much easier than relationships with people. With people you have to guess what they want and how you can both good works together.

Good ergonomic chairs, available from, H and L office furniture, come with an instruction manual that will cut down on the guess work.

Instead of forcing yourself to sit perfectly straight in the chair, let your body move a little bit. We are all naturally drawn to shift about a bit or stretch when sitting for long time periods.

If your body is urging you to move, listen to it.

You can even use your office chair as a workout partner. There are many office chair exercises you can use to refresh your body during the day.

For arms:

Find something with a moderate weight like a water bottle, stapler or other similar item. Put the object in one hand and lift that arm from your side to a position where it is straight out at shoulder level.

Repeat 5-10 times then switch sides and repeat the exercise. If you want to do a little more of an arm workout, hold the object in your bent arm and then lift it straight up over your head. After doing this 5-10 times, repeat the motion with your other arm.

For legs:

Push your chair away from your desk and straighten your right leg until it is directly in front of you.

Hold this position for two seconds, then lower the leg and lift your left leg. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times.

If you learn to work with the office furniture you have, you can create a relationship that is good for you body as well as good looking to the office environment.

Luckily today’s office furniture market has many ergonomic chairs in various styles, to fit your office décor, while supporting your body’s needs in the workday.

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