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Ergonomic office chairs available from H and L Office Furniture

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H and L Office Furniture has ergonomic office chairs for all people, tasks and applications. Research is beginning to confirm what ergonomist have long believed, that the application and correct integration of performance enhanced ergonomic office chairs can positively contribute to worker comfort and increased productivity.

Product design, client product trialling and ergonomic office chair education are paramount in validating the above paragraphs statement and indeed making the right office chair selection. H and L Office Furniture has Australia’s wide range of ergonomic office chairs, and can arrange for onsite client assessments, sample ergonomic office chairs and employee demonstrations.

As worker demographic trends continue to widen, the need for ergonomic office chairs is ever increasing. Ergonomic office chairs must be able to adjust and accommodate high percentage of employees to suit their individual and personal preferences. The correct conjunction between the worker and office chair can actively reduce the occurrence of back muscle strain, back pain and musculoskeletal disorders.

This correct user and ergonomic office chair match becomes even more apparent for those who are involved in long sitting sessions in excess of 3 hours and task intensive work. The key to comfort and pain prevention is ongoing chair adjustment. Workers should continually alter the ergonomic features in their chair intermittedly throughout the day or when discomfort occurs. A quality and full featured ergonomic office chair will possess and allow for many broad and minor adjustments such as, but not limited to:

Seat height – Seat height allows the user to place their feet firmly on the ground or footrest, increase blood flow in the under thigh and reduce tension.

Lumbar support – Lumbar support is the important feature in any ergonomic office chair and actively works to support the lower back directly and also the whole of the back indirectly.

Seat pan depth – The changing of the horizontal position in quality ergonomic office chairs relative to the seat allows for users with different thigh lengths. This function also keeps the users’ lower back ergonomically in place.

Tilt tension – The Tilt tension feature controls and ergonomic office chair tolerance to move back and forth to the users desired level.

Adjustable arm-rests – Adjustable arm-rests allows the user to relieve pressure on shoulders, neck and arms.

Seat pan angle – Pivoting under the seat pan, this feature allows the user to adjust for comfort and more importantly the right ergonomic position

Backrest height and angle – This allows the seat back to raise or lower and adjust for back support and comfort.

Headrest – This is more of an optional feature, however, a properly designed headrest will provide proper support for the upper body, and will support the neck and shoulders.

H and L Office Furniture has a broad knowledge and product base, and can readily supply both quality ergonomic office chairs and expert advice.

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