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Established in 1973, H.I.S. Hose specialises in offerings a wide range of industrial hoses. H.I.S. Hose offers industrial hoses to cater to the agricultural, resources, automotive, marine and manufacturing industries. H.I.S. Hose supplies industrial hoses at competitive prices. Engineered with reliability and durability, H.I.S. Hose offers premium quality industrial hoses.

H.I.S. Hose is said to be a specialist in offering market leading products. H.I.S. Hose also has comprehensive sticks at all locations of trading. H.I.S. Hose also possesses fully computerized systems which aid in providing efficiency. H.I.S. Hose is also a specialist in offering hydraulic hoses. Hydraulic hoses from H.I.S. Hose are of premium quality and durability. H.I.S. Hose also offers hydraulic hose repair services. Hydraulic hose repairs from H.I.S. Hose are done by H.I.S. Hose on-site.

H.I.S. Hose is said to be the most effective and efficient organization in offering premium quality hose and fittings. H.I.S. Hose offers a wide range of hose fittings to suit any application. Apart from industrial and hydraulic hoses, H.I.S. Hose also offers pneumatics and ducting services. H.I.S. Hose possesses highly experienced and trained tradesmen who aid in assisting and advising clients in choosing the right hose solutions that match their requirements.

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