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Video Analytics solutions available from H & H Security

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H & H Security offers Video Analytics solutions which allow the detecting and measuring of object motion, and the integration of facial recognition. Systems are then able to make intelligent decisions as to the motives behind particular actions.

Typical applications for Video Analytics include hospitals, nursing homes, traffic control, homeland security, traffic management, banking and financial institutions.

Video Analytics solutions can be applied to a wide variety of environments. In hospitals, video analytics provide better patient services, cut monitoring costs, prevent accidents, and provide stronger medical records security. Other advantages of Video analytics applied to hospitals include:

  • Fall out of Bed Detection - Alerts a doctor or nurse when a patient falls out of bed.
  • Abnormal Motion Detection - Detects, records or alerts a doctor or nurse when a patient is in danger of having a seizure, or is restless 
  • Slip and Fall Detection - Alerts caretakers when a patient slips or falls down 
  • Facial Recognition - Controls access to patient confidential information and restricted areas such as drug stores. Combined with an existing access control system, Video Analytics can provide a strong two-factor positive identification system.
Video Analytics are also designed to detect unusual events that may cause traffic hazards such as stopped cars on a road or shoulder, people or animals crossing highways, accidents or fallen cargo.

Video analytic features:

  • Shoulder lane detection - detects illegal shoulder lane driving or parking.
  •  Stalled car detection - detects car accidents or stalled vehicles requiring further assistance. 
  • One way detection - detects wrong way driving in a one way street.  
  • Illegal parking detection - detects illegal parking in a restricted area. 
  • Traffic counting - detects traffic Jams or slow vehicle movement. 
  • Virtual fence - detects people or animals crossing laneways. 
  • Loitering detection - detects people loitering in restricted areas. 
  • Unattended object detection - detects objects that were left behind.  
  • License plate recognition - automates parking gates and searches for unauthorised vehicles.
Video analytics can also be applied in the field of homeland security and intelligence, such as

  •  Loitering detection
  • Intrusion detection 
  • Tampering detection of security cameras 
  • Human detection and tracking 
  • Blacklist filter to alert operators of unwelcome visitors 
  • Facial recognition for border or gate control 
  • Behaviour recognition for hold up, running, or wrong way

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