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SIS Access Control System available from H & H Security

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Identifying and authenticating employee access to areas within the organisation has become increasingly important.

Employers are finding out all to well that typical access control products are becoming a compromise.

Clients expect that any access control solution will be easy to administer, highly scalable and cost effective when compared to traditional key and lock solutions.

However, many installers will appreciate that it is difficult to provide an easy solution to a complex problem.

The SIS Access Control System, available from H & H Security , supports advanced connection technology in the form of TCP/IP connectivity. SIS Access Control System has networking functionality. It is completely programmed and administered through intelligent Access Control Software.

TCP/IP allows the installer to quickly and efficiently connect multiple access control modules together without worrying about wiring limitations, terminating resistors and maximum BUS lengths. TCP/IP networking also allows multiple computers to administer the system, without configuring complicated RS-232 Serial ports, UARTS, Baud rates, and RS- 485 converters.

TCP/IP saves technicians time and allows the installer to provide a feature rich, cost effective solution for their clients.

Each Access Control module supports up to 8 door controllers, using a standard RS-485 BUS.

The SIS Door Controllers support a wide range of 26 bit weignd Proximity Card Readers. There is virtually no limit on the number of access control modules that can be connected on a single Network and highly Scalable MonPro Access Control Software makes programming on or hundreds of access control modules easy.

Security Installers and Suppliers (SIS) provide a wide range of card and reader technologies including the following:

SIS Prox Cards

Proximity is considered to be the industry standard in access control technology. The read range and speed of throughput attribute convenience and durability.

Featuring 125kHz radio frequency identification, Prox Card technology is robust, affordable and seamlessly integrates with most access control systems.

SIS contactless readersContactless smart card technology provides versatile interoperability and supports multiple applications such as biometric authentication, cashless vending and PC log on authentication.

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