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Audio and video intercoms from H & H Security

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H & H Security  supply and install audio and video intercom systems. H & H Security’s intercom systems are available in a wide range of standard and optional features to suit households, offices and warehouses.

H & H Security can install remote video intercom systems in homes. Once installed, users can see who is at the door before opening it. Once the visitor’s details have been confirmed, the door can be unlocked by pressing the door unlock button.

H & H Security’s video intercom systems are suitable for home and office surveillance. These video intercom systems ensure the security of the premises. The intercom camera is capable of functioning even in total darkness and activity can be viewed with the help of the Infra Red option.

Visitors must press the call button on the camera unit after which their visual image appears on the monitor inside along with an electrical chime bell. After an identification of the visitor, he or she can be spoken to with the help of a hands-free set.

The Monitor button enables users to identify visitors at the door without them being aware that they are being watched. This feature also allows monitoring the immediate area around the doorway. With the help of this, users can monitor packages left in doorway area. The system also has a standout feature, which includes an alarm to deter unwanted visitors.

H & H Security’s audio intercoms feature:


  • High performance 7" LCD monitor, video camera phone and two way intercom
  • Door control with hand-free, alarm function, video and audio output
  • Outdoor resistant power saving camera feature
  • Power course ranging from AC 100V to 240V / DC12-18V
  • Operation temperature from -20C to +40C

  • White (default)/Black (optional)

Indoor Monitor features include:

  • Optional call tone
  • Conversation time gets automatically cut off after approximately 1 min
  • Power consumption at about 10W in operation and about 0.5W in standby
Camera features include:

  • Imagery angle - Diagonal about 53 degree
  • Picture sensor - 1/4" Lens
  • Power supply - DC 12V, 0.25A

  • Infrared illuminator

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