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HITURN lathes - operates like a centre lathe, performs like a CNC


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28/06/04 - H & H Machine Tools has released a bi-rotary machining head for its machining centres. It is designed for aerospace component manufacturers using five-axes continuous machining and tool/die makers operating three and two-axes machining.
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28/01/03 - ROY Milan of JAR Engineering faced the prospect of scrapping his Kasuga machining centre while the core of the CNC machine was still fully functional. His problem: the Kasuga controller was "old and s
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03/10/02 - RUNNING at eight metres a minute on a complex mould, the Australian-made H&H Ultra4 machining centre from H&H Machine Tools promises to reduce costs, shorten lead times and improve product quality for mould and die makers around the world.
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14/02/02 - THE new ULTRA4 super fast machining centre is a new generation machine that offers substantial benefits for mould and die makers who need to meet short lead times while reducing costs and improving product quality.

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