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Gutermann unveils cordless leak noise correlator

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Aquascan 610 is a compact cordless leak noise correlator. Aquascan 610 is packed with powerful correlation technology.

Advanced features:

  • Ultra compact Cordless leak noise correlator
  • Sensors with built-in radio transmitter
  • Built-in Bluetooth communication
  • High precision on all pipe materials
  • On-site velocity check
  • Fully automatic, wizard assisted operation
  • Advanced Spectrum Analysis (ASA) optimises filter setting
  • High measurement resolution: 16,000 points
  • Designed to locate difficult leaks including uPVC and MDPE

Each of the correlating sensors is placed either side of the leak on a pipe fitting like a valve or a hydrant, you enter the pipe diameter and distance between the two sensors, so the leak noise correlator can measure the time delay of the leak noise being heard to provide an accurate leak position.

Transmits from inside closed hydrants and valves:

Hydrants and valves are often in the road and it can be hazardous to correlate leaving the pits open. The 610 leak noise correlator will transmit the leak noise signal through the lid eliminating the hazard caused by open pits.

AQUASCAN-610 Leak Noise Correlator, available from, Gutermann,  also converts into a Ground Microphone:

This option offers a new function of using the leak noise correlator as a ground microphone with the AQUASCOPE 3 Ground Microphone (for surface verification).

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