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Gutermann unveils Aquascan 610 Laptop Correlator

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Gutermann ’s Aquascan 610 Laptop correlator is a powerful tool used to locate difficult water leaks.

Each sensor is deployed either side of the leak on a pipe fitting and the laptop correlator analyses the acoustic noise to determine the water leak position.

Advanced features:

  • Compact cordless Laptop correlator
  • Cordless sensors with built-in radio transceiver capable of transmitting from underground
  • Built-in Bluetooth communication
  • High precision on all pipe materials, including improved filtering on plastics
  • On-site velocity check
  • Fully automatic, wizard assisted operation
  • Advanced Spectrum Analysis (ASA) optimises filter setting
  • High measurement resolution: 16,000 points
  • Designed to locate difficult leaks including uPVC and MDPE.

Ultra compact‘cordless Laptop correlator:

The Aquascan-610 Laptop correlator is the latest edition to the successful Aquascan leak noise correlator range from Gutermann. A single, multi-task Bluetooth Communications Unit provides fast, wireless data transfer between the cordless sensors, and the laptop, giving the user great level of correlation processing power.

Cordless sensors:

Equally compact transmitters with integrated accelerometers allow working with closed hydrant and valve covers.

Built-in Bluetooth communication:

The Aquascan-610 Laptop Correlator offers Bluetooth communication, enabling the user to connect to a laptop, or to use a wireless Bluetooth headset.

Fully automatic, wizard assisted operation:

Professional or Wizard Assisted data entry options can be selected upon start-up of the user-friendly, Windows based PC software, or at any time during operation and offers different levels of sophistication depending upon the level of correlation experience of the user.

ASA – an innovation in leak noise spectrum analysis:

The Aquascan-610 Laptop correlator PC software features fully automatic or user-selectable filter and parameter settings. FFT, coherence and signal analysis are clearly displayed throughout operation, plus a continuous, real-time correlation quality indication.

In addition, special attention has been given to a sophisticated analysis of the leak noise, enabling adjustment of the filter settings to specific measurement requirements. By selecting the Filter key, a full, on-screen frequency analysis commences, displaying the optimum filter settings and measurement quality.

High performance and locating precision, also on uPVC and MDPE:

The high measuring resolution of 16,000 points allows accurate pinpointing (locating precision better than 1 cm per 100 m or 1” per 1,000 ft). The AQUASCAN-610 Laptop correlator is designed to perform well on all pipe materials and to locate difficult leaks including on uPVC and MDPE.

Large memory:

The greater memory management of the Aquascan-610 Laptop correlator offers unlimited correlation measurements, including all the FFT information for off-site, post re-correlation with altered parameters. The software also includes a user-friendly function for e-mail of data.

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