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Gutermann launches Aquascope 3 water leak detector

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Gutermann has launched the new Aquascope 3 water leak detector.

This is a portable water leak detector designed to accurately find leaks in water mains, at service connections, on service lines, fire mains and inside building walls.

This water leak detector uses new digital acoustic technology to amplify the leak noise providing a superior, clear sound quality which has eliminated the background static noise. This significant reduction in background static noise has made it easier for new operators to become good water leak detectors.

To pinpoint the leak the operator traces the path of the pipe sounding at regular intervals. This locates the leak at the point where the leak noise is loud.

This water leak detector has minimum noise profiling and a memory function that displays the minimum noise levels for each of the last eight soundings.

This makes it easy to determine if you are getting closer or further from the leak. In situations where background noise is drowning out the leak noise, activating the filters in the Aquascope 3 will enable you to get back onto the job.

The water leak detector kit comprises of a probe bar, tripod foot and ground microphone.

The probe bar is for direct sounding on pipes, valves, taps and hydrants. The tripod foot is for sounding on concrete slabs and walls. The ground microphone is for sounding through the ground to depths of 2 metres or more.

The combination of superior sound quality, simple and intuitive operation, minimum noise profiling and user selectable filters to suppress back ground noises make this water leak detector the obvious choice for the professional leak finder.

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