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Gutermann develops PAL 300 leak finder

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Gutermann has developed PAL 300 leak finder to accurately detect the leak noise that travels along the pipe wall and plot the position of the leak.

The Pal 300 leak finder consists of a Pal link with a sensor and the Pal controller with a sensor.

There is a radio link between the controller and the Pal link so that the leak noise heard by the two sensors can be correlated to provide the leak position.

In order for you to obtain an accurate correlation from the PAL leak finder you need to position the two sensors either side of the leak and enter the pipe diameter and material into the controller.

This leak finder will perform it is correlation within two minutes and display the leak position as a distance in centimetres from controller and distance from PAL link. Accurate correlations can be performed over distances of 130 metres or more.

The PAL 300 leak finder is simple to operate with interactive step by step guidance and the high degree of automation to enable precise pinpointing of leaks.

This leak finder is ideal for contractors as it is robust, easy to operate and a fraction of the price of standard correlators.

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