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Gunna Engineering  is specialized in manufacturing following products which include punches,Dies,CNC Milling And Turnings,Special purposes Machinery,Jigs and Fixtures,Prototypes etc for steel Fabrication Industry.

Gunna Engineering provides general engineering service giving low to medium batch runs which supplies specific products.Highest Quality Punches and Dies are produced by Gunna Engineering.For most of the popular machines the products are stocked and kept.

During manufacturing of tools for Shear and Punch machines Gunna Engineering offers the highest tool required for these machines.The tools made by Gunna Engineering is steel and Heat treated.Gunna Engineering offers in house production facilities which include CNC,CAD-CAM Milling,Turning and Heat treated.Gunna Engineering offers quality components in all ranges including that for plastics and Stainless steel.

Gunna Engineering offers services such as Lead Well VMC 25 CNC Machining Center which works at maximum speed of 6000RPM and is of Carousel type.Mazak Slant Turn is Universal 1000 turning center which rotates at speed of 3500 RPM.

Gunna Engineering products are available in stainless steel,Plastic,Punch and Die Samples.Stainless steel products include Steels,Brass,Bronze,Copper,Aluminum and Mild steels.

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