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Tactile paving installations from Guardian Tactile Systems

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The installation process for the Guardian Tactile Systems has been designed to be as quick and efficient as possible with minimal disruption to traffic. Tactile pavers from Guardian Tactile Systems can be fitted into small areas that would be difficult for laying indicators in alternative materials, such as concrete, tiles and ceramic. The peel and bond installation of the tactile pavers makes it easier to be installed. The Guardian Tactiles System is supplied in kit form with installation instructions.

In addition to the peel and bond system, a surfaced primer is also used for external tactile paving installation. The unique design and ease of installation of the Guardian Tactiles offers cost effective solutions than other surface indicator products.

The Guardian Tactile Paving provides long lasting solutions to the incorporation of aids for the vision impaired persons. The unique design and impact resistant polyurethane composition makes the paving extremely hardwearing and durable. The paving products can withstand Australia's harsh outdoor conditions as well as all types of indoor conditions.

Guardian Tactiles are designed to be UV and VIS light resistant which helps in preventing fading or discolouration. The tactiles does not peel, lift, chip, crack or slip after proper installation.

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