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System integration services from Gryphon Systems Engineering

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Gryphon Systems Engineering  specialises in the industrial automation and systems integration services in a broad spectrum of applications. Main services from Gryphon Systems includes PC based industrial control systems, PLC based control systems and IEC61131-3 programming, industrial automation systems, real time machine vision, motion control and systems integration.

Gryphon Systems works with a range of software and hardware tools. The tools include Labview, Microsoft Visual Studio and PLC Systems with IEC61131-3 Software.

Labview is a software platform with an extensive inbuilt support for signal processing, analysis, math and industrial communications. Labview can be run on both ordinary PCs and Real Time systems and can be used for SCADA type applications. The tool offers a variety of user interface options.

Microsoft Visual Studio offers a low level coding control which is needed in certain applications while the PLC Systems is an essential building block in industrial control systems. The PLCs offers long term availability and clarity in debugging and has an ability to make online changes. The IEC61131-3 programming interface has opened up various applications to PLCs and has solved some of the difficulties faced in structuring and reusing PLC software.

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