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Grundfos' Digital Dosing pumps maintain superior accuracy across the flow range, ensuring chemical wastage is kept to a minimum, reducing overall operating costs. Ideal for water treatment, cooling towers, industrial processes swimming pools.


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19/08/15 - A pump control system from Grundfos is helping the Volkswagen Group achieve long-term energy goals by cutting consumption at its production plant.
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08/12/14 - Grundfos Pumps has been awarded a S$1.4 million grant by the Singapore Environment and Water Industry Programme Office to carry out a research project.
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15/09/14 - Reputed global pump manufacturer, Grundfos Pumps announces the appointment of Mr Okay Barutçu as its new Regional Managing Director for the Asia Pacific.
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14/10/13 - The Remote Management System from Grundfos Pumps facilitates wireless remote control and monitoring of pumping installations anywhere and anytime.
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Grundfos - CR pumps Grundfos - Digital Dosing Pumps Grundfos - Wastewater Range Grundfos- Submersible Borehole Liftaway Sololift

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