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Gas analyser for on-board use in diesel vehicles

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article image Tocsin 315 gas analyser for on-board installation into diesel vehicles.

A COMPACT gas analyser, designed for on-board installation into diesel vehicles, has been introduced by Group Electronics .

Designated Tocsin 315, the gas analyser is powered from a 12V dc battery pack making it fully mobile and suitable for on road real world emission measurements.

The Tocsin 315 uses its own integral power pack, relieving any load on a test vehicle, which may otherwise influence test results.

The Tocsin 315 employs a non-dispersive infra-red bench to measure hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2). A fuel cell is provided to measure oxygen (O2), nitric oxide (NO), total oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and as an option, sulphur dioxide (SO2).

Oil temperature and RPM probes enable engine health to be continuously monitored. An optional ac power pack is available to provide a supply for bench testing.

The Tocsin 315 analyser comprises: a battery pack; charger; sample, oil temperature and RPM probes and heated sample line. A facility is provided to enable data downloading to either a desktop or laptop computer.

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