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Floor safety specialists from Grip Wise Anti-Slip

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Grip Wise Anti-Slip  provides floor inspection, testing and also a comprehensive OH & S report based on customer’s floor condition. This is done by professional floor safety experts of the company. Grip Wise Anti-Slip provides quality floor safety services for residential and commercial buildings. Grip Wise Anti-Slip is the leader in the floor safety market.

Additionally, Grip Wise Anti-Slip provides effective treatment solution to increase slip resistance for all stone based floor surfaces, quarry tiles, concrete, marbles, ceramic tiles and many more surfaces for both commercial and residential customers. Grip Wise Anti-Slip also offers a gloss floor sealer that can be applied to any floor surface including terrazzo, granite etc. customers can get a resilient floor finish for their floors from Grip Wise Anti-Slip, with different colours from recycled car tyres held in a rubber binder.

Furthermore, Grip Wise Anti-Slip uses recycled glass as a decorative material that would suit various floor surfaces as it is available in different shades. Grip Wise Anti-Slip provides a cost effective concrete painting option as an alternative for other treatments. The anti-slip spray provided by Grip Wise Anti-Slip is ideal for a small region. This clear aerosol spray coating over the floor surface give a fine grip.

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