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Non-slip floor solutions from Grip Guard Non-Slip

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Every year, the cost of slip and fall injuries cost Australians approximately $3billion dollars each year. And in industrial settings, the dangers are exacerbated.

OH&S officers are faced with the onerous task of ensuring their floor surfaces are non-slip. Contaminants can make their job especially difficult as floor surfaces which are slip resistant when dry can become danger zones when wet.

Grip Guard Non-Slip  has been helping those in commercial and industrial settings to address floor safety issues in an effort to reduce the risks of slip and fall injuries amongst their employees and visitors.

Grip activator is particularly useful on floor surfaces that are made of concrete (polished and unpolished), aggregate, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble, granite, terrazzo…virtually several mined surface. This product is applied by trained Grip guard operators.

All floor surfaces are tested using an ASM slip meter to measure the co-efficient of friction (degree of slip resistance) both before and after treatment with grip activator. These results are recorded on the Grip guard warranty so that clients have evidence of their floor safety initiatives.

Grip Guard Non-Slip also has a several range of high quality non-slip access solutions including stair nosing and tactile surface indicators which are available on a supply only or a supply and install basis.

Grip guard operators provide its services throughout Australia including Victoria (VIC), New South Wales (NSW), Western Australia (WA), South Australia, Tasmania (TAS) and Queensland (QLD).

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