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Grip Guard’s floor non slip treatment - Ideal for slippery office floors

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Grip Guard Non Slip floor treatment works on any porous surface from tiles to marble to concrete. What makes the treatment so unique is that Grip Guard non –slip floor treatment is not a coating, but rather a chemical application that actually modifies the structure of the tile surface, increasing its coefficient of friction to a higher and thus safer level.

Key Features of the floor treatment include:

  • Unlike coatings, Grip Guard’s nonslip floor treatment leaves tiles looking unaltered from their original appearance'
  • Additionally, Grip Guard’s anti slip floor treatment, since it is not a simple coating, is much more difficult to wear away than other antislip treatments
  • The user must wear down the actual tile itself for the treatment to be eradicated
Benefits of the anti slip floor treatment include:
  • Saves time
  • Alleviates stress
  • Cost efficient
  • Safe
It is important the employers and property managers do not wait until an accident occurs to deal with the slip fall hazards in the workplace. It is much better to save the time, stress and money of potential injuries and their resultant lawsuits by having floor surfaces inspected to identify any potential hazards.  Grip Guard operators offer  obligation-free slip testings and, if required a quote for the areas that are not safe allowing those responsible to prevent accidents before they happen.

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