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Grip Guard provides non-slip floor treatment services

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It is an OH&S requirement that workplace floors provide a safe working environment for employees and visitors.

Grip Guard Non Slip  has helped thousands of businesses in areas including mining, food production, assembly lines, property management, government departments, refineries, airports and construction to meet their workplace safety obligations.

By addressing floor safety issues, these businesses were able to ensure that their pedestrian surfaces, both indoor and outdoor, meet Australian Standards of slip resistance.

Grip Guard’s Grip Activator is a floor treatment that raises the co-efficient of friction, or slip resistance, without changing the appearance of the floor surface. This non- slip treatment is highly effective on concrete, ceramic and porcelain tiles, aggregate, stone, terrazzo, marble, granite etc, virtually any mined surface can be treated.

Grip Activator is applied by fully trained Grip Guard operators. The floor surface is tested using an ASM slip meter, both before and after treatment, and the results are documented on the Grip Guard warranty. This enables businesses to document their efforts to provide a safe working environment for their employees.

Periodic ASM slip meter testing of the floor surfaces provides an on-going record of the slip resistance of the pedestrian surfaces and allows businesses to monitor this aspect of workplace safety.

Grip Guard operators provide obligation-free demonstrations of the Grip Activator treatment including ASM slip resistance measurement to determine if floor surfaces meet current Australian Standards.

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