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Grip Guard non-slip tapes for painted concrete floors

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article image Grip Guard non-slip tapes for painted concrete floors

Melbourne-based Grip Guard Non Slip offers a range of carborundum non-slip tapes for painted floors.  

Painted concrete floors are easy to clean but can also create slip hazards with their slippery surfaces. When water is added to the equation, the floors can be even more dangerous for pedestrians.  

Grip Guard recently supplied their non slip tapes to Capital Smart Repairs to help create a safe pedestrian environment in the car service areas. Though the painted floor looked good, the lack of slip resistance especially when the floor was wet created a safety issue.  

The company was particular about implementing a non-slip solution that would not negatively impact on the overall look of the area. Grip Guard presented a scaled drawing with the non-slip tape in situ that enabled Capital Smart Repairs to visualise the end result.  

Following the installation of Grip Guard non-slip tape, the slip resistant floors have retained their neat and tidy appearance while improving the safety of the area.  

Grip Guard’s non slip tapes have an R-13 anti-slip rating, ensuring that the painted finish does not compromise safety.  

Grip Guard offers a full range of non-slip/ anti-slip tapes through their distributors across several locations in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth as well as New Zealand.

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