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Grip Guard non-slip tape installed at NAB House

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Grip Guard Non Slip has recently supplied and installed safety yellow non slip tape in NAB House. This particular tape is ideal for commercial high-traffic settings as its high-contrast luminescence provides a sure step for both customers and employees, even in low light.

Features and benefits of the safety yellow non slip tape include:

  • Not only does the extra-wide non-slip tape provide a point of traction between the floor and the foot, but it also serves the importance purpose of warning pedestrians of the possibility of a slip-fall accident, reducing the likelihood of such an accident occurring
  • The non slip tape itself serves its purpose perfectly: it is abrasive and cautionary while not being aesthetically obtrusive
  • The non slip tapes are an ideal choice as a precautionary measure
  • Grip Guard’s non-slip tape is both durable and long lasting
  • The non slip tape is constructed specifically to endure the constant foot-traffic one would expect to find in any bustling place of business
  • cost effective non-slip solution to enhance stair safety

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