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Grip Guard anti-slip floor treatment

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Grip Guard Non Slip  anti-slip treatment modifies the dimensions of the pore structures of the floor in a controlled way that improves wet floor slip-resistance by modifying the porosity or absorbency of the topmost surface pore structure. 

The special blend of ant-slip chemicals finds its way into the tile or stone and, over a period of time, modifies the depth of these pores. Unlike etching processes which actually eat into the surface itself and roughen the texture, Grip Guard anti-slip treatment leaves most surfaces looking like they did before and feeling the same when dry. Grip Guard operators are able to provide property owners with slip resistance testing of floors to determine if they are safe and, if required, provided an obligation free quote for the appropriate floor safety solution.

Slippery floors pose serious risks in the home, in the workplace and in our communities.  It is essential that homeowners, employers and councils ensure that floors and outdoor pedestrian surfaces have a safe level of slip resistance.  Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common accidents in both the home and workplace. 

The injuries resulting from slippery floors are especially dangerous for the children and the elderly. Anti-slip floor coatings are only a temporary solution to the age-old problem of slippery floors. Anti slip  floor coatings rely on an abrasive material that is broadcast into paint or other coatings to increase slip resistance.  This abrasive material is quickly worn away by normal pedestrian use, usually leaving the floor more slippery than before treatment.

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