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Grip Guard Stair Nosings – Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Stairs

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Trips, slips and falls on stairs are a major cause of injury in the home, in the workplace and in our community spaces. For this reason, Australian Standards prescribe:

  • A minimum of 50mm of slip resistant material on the leading edge of the each stair so that a pedestrian’s foot does not slip off the edge of the stair leading to a fall
  • A minimum of 30% contrast between the stair material and the stair nosing/tape so that pedestrians do not ‘misstep’ which can also contribute to accidents on stairs.
There are a number of options available for stairs depending on their location. The requirements for domestic stairs are less stringent however, in light of the number of accidents that occur on stairs, as well as the prevalence of personal injury litigation, it is suggested extreme caution is taken when approaching stair safety issues.

Grip Guard has a range of stair safety solutions including:

1. Grip Guard non-slip tapes are available in a wide range of textures, colour (including transparent), and widths to suit just about any stair. Non-slip tape is a cost-effective solution that helps property owners to meet their obligations in regards to the BCA and Australian Standards. Grip Guard tapes are manufactured with a superior adhesive that allows them to be utilised in both indoor and outdoor applications – even under water, if required. They are UV resistant to provide extra durability.

2. Grip Guard carborundum modified non-slip stair nosings are manufactured from galvanised steel, aluminium or stainless steel with a silicon carbide coating for light or heavy duty applications. The stair nosings are supplied pre-cut and pre-drilled for ease of installation and can be manufactured.

3. Grip Guard aluminium extrusion nosings are ideal for office buildings and other commercial buildings. Polymeric inserts provide the required slip resistance and colour contrast for indoor applications while carborundum inserts are used for outdoor stairs or stairs where water may be tracked onto stairs.

Grip Guard Non Slip  provides on-site consultations to help property owners select the best stair safety option for their needs.

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