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Grip Guard Non-Slip treatment for slip and fall prevention

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Falls are consistently the leading cause of injury-producing accidents. Most slip-and-fall accidents are caused by unexpected changes in pedestrian surfaces. To become aware of the hazard, the change must impinge upon individual consciousness in some way.

It is possible to walk safely on an icy sidewalk, for example, as long as pedestrians see the hazard and have time to adjust their gait. It is the unseen hazard that causes maximum risk.

Water on floors is one of the major causes of slip and fall accidents. It is not always possible to see that floors are wet and, when a pedestrian steps onto a wet floor, they may not have time to adjust their gait to prevent themselves from slipping and falling.

Grip Guard non-slip treatment from Grip Guard Non Slip has been designed to make floors safer when wet than they are dry. The unique treatment microscopically modifies the pore structure of floor surfaces to increase their slip resistance. The treated surface is non-slip yet its appearance remains unchanged. Floors treated with Grip Guard non-slip treatment retain their reflectivity and colour.

Unlike floor coatings, the treatment does not sit on the surface of the tiles, stone or concrete only to be worn away by continual pedestrian traffic. In areas where there is no vehicular traffic, it is unlikely that floors will need to be re-treated.

Grip Guard non-slip treatment is available throughout Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, Perth and selected regional areas.

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