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Grip Guard Non Slip’s anti slip floor treatments ensure safety in commercial kitchens

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article image Anti slip floor treatments reduce slip and fall accidents in the workplace

Commercial kitchens can present a number of safety issues for employees. Slip and fall is one of the most common workplace accidents and the dangers of slip and fall accidents are increased in kitchen environments due to presence of hot surfaces and sharp objects.

Available from Grip Guard Non Slip , anti slip floor safety treatments increase the slip resistance of stone based floors including ceramic and porcelain tiles, concrete, marble, granite, terrazzo and quarry tiles.

Kitchen floors are constantly contaminated with water, oils, fats and other foreign matter, making them more likely to be the site of slip and fall accidents. The application of Grip Guard’s anti slip floor treatments is the first step towards reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Ensuring that floors are kept clean is the second important step to minimizing slip and fall accidents. Regardless of how slip resistant a floor surface is, if a layer of grease, fats or other contaminants is allowed to build up on the floor, a barrier will form between the foot and the slip resistant floor. This barrier does not allow the slip resistant floor to ‘do its work’.

The cleaning process needed to keep floors in greasy environments slip resistant is simple. Floors should be washed with extremely hot water and a small amount of degreasing detergent. The hot water and detergent will loosen grease and fat from the pores and grout and the resulting ‘sludge’ removed using a wet vac. This eliminates contaminants rather than spreading them around the floor with a mop.

Slip resistance should be checked periodically to ensure that cleaning procedures are adequate. Grip Guard provides slip resistance testing to businesses to allow them to ensure that slip resistance is maintained in the long term.

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