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Grip Guard Non Slip Floor Treatments

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Grip Guard provides a full range of floor safety solutions designed to assist property owners and managers meet their ‘duty’ of care in regards to pedestrian safety.

Grip Guard’s range of floor safety treatments includes:

  • Grip Guard non slip floor treatment – suitable for stone-based floors such as ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo, marble, granite, aggregate and slate. The treatment is not an non-slip floor coating that requires regular re-application. Grip Guard non slip treatment modifies the internal pore structure of tiles and stone to create a safer floor – especially when wet! And, unlike floor etches, floors treated with the non-slip treatment retain their colour, shine and cleaning properties.
  • Grip Guard marine trade safety flooring provides the highest available slip resistance in wet environments. The specially designed non-slip flooring has diamond shaped nodules that channel water away from the foot to create maximum traction.
  • Grip Guard tactiles provide tactile cues to assist the visually impaired to navigate safely in public areas.
  • Grip Guard non slip tapes are a quick and easy safety solution for floor surfaces that cannot be treated with Grip Guard non-slip treatment. Vinyl, timber, chequer plate and epoxy floors often present slip and fall risks to pedestrians. Grip Guard has a full range of non slip tapes for every floor surface including indoor, outdoor and marine environments.
  • Grip Guard non slip safety stair nosings provide increased slip resistance and visibility on stairs and are designed to reduce both slip and trip accidents. Carborundum nosings provide the ultimate in slip resistance with an R-13 rating, for outdoor stairs. Indoors, a smoother polymeric nosing insert provides excellent slip resistance and excellent cleanability.

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