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Floor treatment solution for concrete and aggregate floors from Grip Guard Non-Slip

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article image Floor treatment solution for concrete and aggregate floor

Grip Guard Non-Slip  floor treatment is the ideal solution for slippery concrete floors whether they be in factories, showrooms, cool rooms, warehousing facilities, footpaths, stairways, pedestrian crossings, polished concrete pool surrounds, restaurants-virtually any concrete surface can be treated.

Grip Guard Non-Slip floor treatment is suitable for both polished concrete and unpolished concrete. Modern premises are making extensive use of polished concrete in restaurants, hotels, showrooms and residences and these floor surfaces pose significant slip/fall risks to the public as well as employees.

Grip Guard Non-Slip floor treatment is applied by fully-trained Grip Guard operators who are able to address floor safety issues in relation to Australian Standards and OH&S regulations.

Grip Guard Non-Slip treatment will not change the appearance of the floor surface but will raise the slip resistance dramatically allowing property owners to ensure that they premises are safe for the public, staff, visitors, and their families. This allows architects, designers, builders and business owners/managers to select the surface that looks best, and then specify Grip Guard to ensure it is slip resistant.

Grip Guard Non-Slip operators provide clients with a warranty which documents the slip resistance of the floor surface both prior to and following Grip Guard treatment and specifies how floor safety issues have been addressed.

Grip Guard Non-Slip requires no special maintenance unlike floor coatings, mats, and adhesive strips that require regular maintenance and can quickly look unsightly. Treated floor can be treated as normal.

Industries in which Grip Guard Non-Slip has been used extensively include hotels, motels, aquatic centres, shopping centres, airports, nursing homes, retirement villages and retail shops.

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