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Floor safety solutions from Grip Guard Non Slip

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Grip Guard Non Slip  has a slip resistant solution for every floor surface. Grip Guard trained operators will be happy to provide you with any or all of the following:

A comprehensive floor safety inspection

Grip Guard operators will attend your premises and measure the co-efficient of friction (degree of slip resistance) of your floors utilising an ASM slip meter. This slip meter reading will allow your Grip Guard operator to provide you with advice regarding the pedestrian safety of your floor surface.

A long term non-slip treatment at a cost effective price

Grip Guard operators have the technologically advanced non-slip treatments for every type of floor surface. Grip Guard Non Slip principal floor safety treatment, Grip Guard grip activator, is unique and unrivalled in the anti-slip industry.

A non-slip solution that meets OH&S requirements

Grip Guard operators will measure the co-efficient of friction of your floors post-treatment to ensure that the slip resistance is within the parameters specified by OH&S guidelines, Building Codes and Australian Standards.

A floor safety inspection service

Grip Guard operators offer each client an ongoing floor safety inspection service which ensure that floors retain their non-slip properties over time. Because floors, especially those of in a commercial situation, have constant exposure to foreign matter, it is essential to measure their slip resistance on a period basis to ensure that slip resistance is maintained over time.

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