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Floor Safety solutions from Grip Guard Anti-Slip Solutions

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Grip Guard has a full range of floor safety initiatives designed to protect pedestrians from the serious consequences of slips and falls.  With custom designed anti-slip solutions for every type of floor surface, Grip Guard helps property owners ensure that they have met their duty of care with regards to pedestrian safety.

Grip Guard anti-slip treatment is ideal for stone-based surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, concrete, exposed aggregate, slate and quarry tiles.  The unique treatment permanently modifies these surfaces to make them slip resistant without changing their appearance.  The anti- slip treatment is not a coating that sits on the top of the floor surface.  Instead, it works internally to create slip resistance on a long term basis.
Grip Guard anti-slip treatment is especially effective when floors become wet.  Because the treatment microscopically modifies the pore structure of the tiles, it dramatically reduces the risk of pedestrians aquaplaning across the surface, causing them to fall.

Grip Guard also has a full range of anti-slip tapes including AquaSafe transparent tapes. The tapes are ideal for wet areas that cannot be treated with Grip Guard.   The tapes are suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, laundries.  Unlike traditional abrasive tapes, AquaSafe tapes can be cleaned and do not harbour dirt and bacteria.

For ramped areas that are exposed to wet weather, Fordex marine grade safety flooring is an ideal anti-slip solutions.  The unique diamond shaped nodules channel water away to increase slip resistance.  
Grip Guard operators are able to provide floor safety assessments by measuring the slip resistance of floor surfaces to determine if they meet Australian Standards.  

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